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Injury Prevention is NOT Possible! Injury Mitigation IS!

I hear people all the time talking about “Injury Prevention” and I understand that it’s a buzzword to draw attention to what they are saying but it is BS. The only thing we can actually do is Injury Mitigation, bring down the severity of the injury and increase the ability to recover from it. 

How Injuries Occur
When the stress to the tissue exceeds the capacity of the tissue then it will cause an injury. Meaning, if you roll your ankle and your ankle is very weak and stiff if could cause a grade 3 sprain but I your ankle is strong and mobile, the same roll of your ankle could possibly only cause a grade 1 sprain and you can still walk and function with little pain. We might not be able to avoid rolling your ankle and cause a sprain but we could keep the damage down and recovery up. 

How do we mitigate injury?
We first must increase your range of motion and then strengthen the increased range of motion. This will allow an area to be exposed to a larger range of motion (like rolling your ankle) and have a load capacity in that area (like your bodyweight on top of the rolled ankle) to help mitigate the damage. Basically, you need to be doing mobility work.

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