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Is G-Fuel The Best Energy Drink For Gamers?

If you're a gamer, it's likely that you've seen, heard of, or drank G Fuel. G Fuel has become one of the more popular energy drinks in the gaming world. With so many energy drink options out there for gamers, we figured we should give you a review of G Fuel. 

For the sake of this review, we are going to be looking at G Fuel's ready-to-drink energy drink. 


WIth G Fuel being an energy drink, it obviously has caffeine. Unsurprisingly, G Fuel has a LOT of caffeine, 300mgs in 16oz. to be exact. 

According to studies, the most caffeine an adult should consume in a day is 400mg. With G Fuel containing 300mg, you are coming dangerously close to your caffeine limit with just one drink. For all you coffee drinkers out there, you could only drink one cup of coffee and one G Fuel a day to stay under the healthy caffeine consumption limit. 


Most people would look at this list and think "no calories, fat, or sugar? Sounds great." That does sound great until you take a look down at the ingredients list and see G Fuel is sweetened with sucralose. 

Sucralose, otherwise known as Splenda, is a popular artificial sweetener found in sugar-free versions of Rockstar and Monster. Despite being around since the 1990s, there has not been a ton of human research done on the effects of sucralose. There have been sucralose studies conducted on rats showing damage to gut bacteria. There have also been studies linking sucralose to a higher risk of cancer with the mice. 

Sucralose has also been found to increase blood glucose levels and insulin levels while decreasing sensitivity, which could negatively impact people with diabetes who are consuming sucralose to manage blood glucose levels. 

Are there better alternatives to the sugar and caffeine in G Fuel?

Of course, there are alternatives!


Erythritol and Stevia are two natural sugar alternatives that can be used instead of the dangerous artificial sugars. These sugar alternatives are generally found in small amounts in fruits and vegetables. 

Erythritol only has 6% of the calories of sugar but retains 70% of the sweetness. Erythritol doesn’t spike your blood sugar or insulin, so this makes it a great sugar substitute for diabetics. Studies have shown that erythritol acts as an antioxidant, reducing blood vessel damage that has been caused by high blood sugar levels. Erythritol also will not cause your teeth to decay, unlike sugar and other artificial sweeteners. 

Stevia also makes for a great natural sugar substitute. Stevia has no calories and is 200x sweeter than sugar. Studies have shown that stevia has the potential for treating diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. Antioxidant compounds, including kaempferol, can be found in Stevia. Studies have shown that kaempferol can reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer by 23%. 


Both KILL CLIFF and G Fuel use naturally sourced caffeine, which is not something most energy drink companies can say. 

However, as previously mentioned, the 300mg of caffeine found in G Fuel can be dangerous, especially if you like to enjoy a cup of coffee or two in the morning. 

Luckily for you, KILL CLIFF only contains 150mg of green tea caffeine. With KILL CLIFF, you're not only getting a naturally sourced caffeine, but you're also healthily staying within your daily limit of caffeine. It's a win-win. 

Is there a healthy alternative to G Fuel for Gamers?

Yes! Here at KILL CLIFF, we love a good energy drink, but we're aware of the possible dangers of the many unnatural ingredients that many popular energy drinks contain. We wanted an energy drink with a strong caffeine buzz coming from a natural source, with no artificial we made one. 

KILL CLIFF Ignite is a sugar-free, naturally sweetened energy drink that delivers the jolt you crave with 150 mg of naturally-sourced green tea caffeine (about a cup and a half of coffee). Additionally, KILL CLIFF Ignite includes only FDA-regulated ingredients in its specialized blend of B-vitamins and electrolytes. It provides you with 10% of your daily values of magnesium and potassium, which helps regulate hydration and blood flow. 

So, whether you want sustained clean energy to help you through your day, or you want a natural alternative pre-workout drink...or you want to get fired up for a long night of playing Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption, KILL CLIFF Ignite is your go-to option! Check it out!