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Is Sucralose bad for you?

Sugar. We love it, we crave it. And the truth is, we eat way too much of it.

Enter the industry of sugar substitutes.

You’ve seen sugar-sweetened beverages on the market called “light” or “diet.” These were originally introduced to help people who were trying to slim down and reduce their sugar intake. In fact, diet soda was originally introduced during the 1950s for people with diabetes.

But sipping sweetness without the calories can sometimes be too good to be true. One of the most dangerous artificial sweeteners is sucralose.

Introduced in 1999, sucralose is the most popular artificial sweetener in the US. It’s marketed as a healthy sugar substitute and used in more than 4,500 products. Especially energy drinks like Red bull Zero, Redline Xtreme Energy Drink, Reign Total Body Fuel, Rockstar Pure Zero, Monster Ultra and many more.

Sucralose also comes with a major red flag, it's 600 times sweeter than regular sugar. Yikes. 

Here are some of the dangerous side effects of sucralose.

  1. Sucralose can lead to weight gain. Research suggests that people who drink diet drinks might end up eating more calories in food than people who drink sugar-sweetened soda. Basically, if you’re feeling good about that 0 calorie drink, you’ll splurge and fill the calories in other ways, like a side order of cheese fries.
  2. Sucralose can also upset the microbiome balance in your gut, leading to inflammation. The gut is home to helpful bacteria that help with digestion, which aids the immune system.
  3. Sucralose is addictive. Using fake sugar can make you crave more sugary foods and drinks and just like sugar, sucralose will make you coming back for more.

Still want to reach for the Splenda?

 Other side effects include:

  •  May alter glucose and insulin levels
  • May trigger migraines
  • May play a role in certain cancers, according to an animal study in 2016


So what’s a good drink replacement that doesn’t use Splenda or sucralose?

KILL CLIFF drinks have tons of B Vitamins, a specialized blend of plant extracts, enzymes (both natural anti-inflammatories), and electrolytes to support hydration to help you get back to full speed. 

At KILL CLIFF, we sweeten our drinks with Stevia and Ethyritol, derived from plants and 400 times less sweet than sucralose. Plus, it only requires 20 percent of the land and far less water to provide the same amount of sweetness. So yes, we're helping the planet and you.

When you drink KILL CLIFF we assure that you’re get a sweet-tasting beverage without the dangerous risks of sucralose or Splenda.