KILL CLIFF Enthusiast Joe Rogan and his favorite CBD beverage - Kill Cliff

KILL CLIFF Enthusiast Joe Rogan and his favorite CBD beverage

KILL CLIFF Enthusiast Joe Rogan

We’ve found our biggest fan!

“I found my new favorite beverage,” Joe Rogan shares with his 10.4 million Instagram followers. The picture features our very own KILL CLIFF CBD drink: Orange Kush. Joe’s followers agree, chiming in repeatedly that they “need this in our lives!!” and “NEED.”

A visit to Joe Rogan’s studio space means an endless supply of what we love most—KILL CLIFF energy drinks and CBD beverages. We can’t deny it: we’re jealous of the exclusively KILL CLIFF fridge that Joe says, “fits right into the studio.”

It makes sense that with a fridge full of KILL CLIFF, Rogan frequently shares KILL CLIFF drinks with podcast guests, and the host recently passed a can to guest Hannibal Buress, saying “It’s legit!”

WHO is Joe Rogan?

Seriously, we can’t imagine Rogan needing an introduction, but here’s one anyway. By his own account, Joe Rogan is an “American comedian, actor, sports commentator, martial artist, and television host.” Beginning with a career in comedy in the 80’s, Rogan went on to appear on television shows including Hardball and NewsRadio. You may know him best for his next role: host of the tv show Fear Factor. Rogan also achieved success as an Ultimate Fighting Championship commentator and most recently as the host of his own podcast.

We are stoked that “KILL CLIFF Enthusiast” is officially added to Rogan’s impressive resume.

ROGAN + KILL CLIFF in the media

ECS Brands, the supplier of the CBD found in KILL CLIFF CBD beverages, applauds Rogan’s endorsement of KILL CLIFF CBD drinks as “great promotion for the wider hemp industry.”

And at the end of 2019, the Australian publication Man of Many released an article titled "Joe Rogan’s Diet & Workout Plan". As you can imagine, Rogan included plenty of coffee and elk meat in his diet. Also included in his official diet was KILL CLIFF CBD! From the article: "Oh Kill Cliff, you had Rogan at the words 'hemp-infused recovery drink.'"

Be sure to check out Rogan’s video and audio podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, and be on the lookout for the KILL CLIFF enthusiast to keep sharing KILL CLIFF drinks and making us proud.

Ready to taste what it’s all about?

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