KC Fighter‘Master’ Bader Takes on Moldavsky at Bellator 273! - Kill Cliff

KC Fighter‘Master’ Bader Takes on Moldavsky at Bellator 273!

So Ryan Bader wants to change his nickname.

The Kill Cliff Fight Club fighter and current Bellator heavyweight champ has long been known as “Darth” Bader. Genius!

But now, the Reno, Nevada, native wants to freshen the nickname, with something a little edgier…


As in, “Master” Bader. (Say it out loud. But not in public.)

Bader (28-7), whose fight with interim champ Valentin Moldavsky (11-1-0) headlines the January 29 Bellator 273 at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, tells Bloody Elbow “a ton” of fans have encouraged him to make the switch. 

“And I’m for it, too,” he says. “I think we tried it a few times. They love it, but at the end of the day when it really comes down to pull the trigger on it, saying that on national television would be something, they just don’t want to cross that line. I embrace it, and I want to at least once in my career come out and have them, you know, announce me as Ryan 'Master' Bader. It’d be fun. It’d be fun for the crowd. I’m all for it.”

Bader also told the MMA media outlet about his affiliation and affection for Kill Cliff’s  line of energy, recovery, and CBD beverages. 

“Supplement-wise I have Kill Cliff right here. I love their CBD drinks. I drink a couple of those a day. It’s all clean. They have an energy and a CBD one.”

Somehow the reporter was not aware of Kill Cliff’s CBD line of drinks. “So, the Kill Cliff actually has CBD in the drink?”

"Yep. It’s grape, CBD, 25 milligrams," Bader says, probably smacking his lips on that can of Kill Cliff The G.O.A.T.—The Grapest of All Time.

"Tastes good. It’s awesome. I mean I try to stay hydrated. I drink water all day. I get sick of water, you know.”

Watch Kill Cliff Fight Club fighter Ryan Bader take on Valentin Moldavsky in the Heavyweight World Championship January 29 at the Footprint Center in Phoenix. Catch it on Showtime or wherever you get your MMA.