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Kill Cliff Is Now at the Plate for the Atlanta Braves!

So THAT happened!

The defending World Champion Atlanta Braves opened their home season last week with the Cincinnati Reds in the house. Not only was Matt Olson new to Truist Park at first base for the Braves (sad emoji for departed Freddy Freeman) but scattered at concessions stands and strolling vendors’ boxes all around the chilly stadium was none other than Kill Cliff Ignite.

In case you missed it, the Braves took the very logical (and long overdue) step in removing the previous occupant of the energy drink space in the stadium (we won’t say what it was, but it’s poison) and replaced it with Tasty AF® Kill Cliff Ignite cans.

A Big Deal

It was the Opening Day of a three-year deal that made Kill Cliff the Energy Drink of the World Champions; nearly 2.5 million Braves-and-otherwise fans will have no choice but to be tempted by Kill Cliff Ignite beverages when they look for that seventh-inning spark to keep them focused on the action on the field.

Jim Allen, Braves senior vice president of corporate and premium partnerships said, “We are proud to partner with Kill Cliff to provide our fans with the single best clean energy drink on the market while supporting a homegrown, trailblazing brand.”

Not only that, the partnership provides Kill Cliff with a unique platform to build the brand in the region and further the mission supporting military veterans and their families, especially through the Navy SEAL Foundation. 

It also gives energy drink fans in the stadium an option that won’t damage their health when they consume it. Each flavor of Kill Cliff Ignite provides clean energy and killer taste in one sugar-free can. The 150mg of caffeine is derived from natural sources (unlike the others) and includes electrolytes and B-vitamins, and deliciousness.

Hey, 29 other Major League Baseball teams, are you listening?