KILL CLIFF is partnering with the Navy SEAL Foundation for TEAMWORK 2019! - Kill Cliff

KILL CLIFF is partnering with the Navy SEAL Foundation for TEAMWORK 2019!

TEAMWORK is an annual nationwide fitness fundraiser in support of the Navy SEAL Foundation that runs from Veteran's Day (11/11) until the end of the month. This event will consist of 24 Hero Workouts that honor fallen members of Naval Special Warfare. These workouts will be completed in gyms across the country within a 24-hour time period (one workout per hour). 

Gyms can pick any 24-hour period prior to the end of November to execute 24 workouts as a community. To register or learn more, check out the website here (

If you are a gym owner, please sign up your gym. If you are an athlete please encourage your gym owner to sign up and then join their team. Not only do you have the opportunity to raise money for a great cause, but the top fundraisers will also receive some cool prizes as well. At Kill Cliff, we will be providing a custom Kill Cliff Winter Experience to the top 11 individual fundraisers! Just like last year, we will be shutting down our site on Veteran's Day so this is a perfect way for you to spend the day, raising money for one of the most highly rated non-profits in the country.


Q: Can I do all 24 workouts myself?

A: As much as we appreciate the enthusiasm, we cannot allow anyone to perform all 24 workouts themselves. All workouts must be done in teams of 2, 3, or 4 and participants are allowed to do up to 4 of the workouts over the course of the 24 hours.

Q: Can we modify the workouts due to space, equipment, or scheduling restrictions?

A: Absolutely! TEAMWORK is not a competition and there is no leaderboard for performance. You can modify anything as needed. The focus of the event is awareness and fundraising in support of our nation’s warriors, veterans, and their families. All that’s important is that you rally your gym together for a great cause!

Q: We can’t keep our gym open for 24 hours straight. Can we do a portion of the event for a shorter period of time?

A: Yes! As an example, we have gyms that are utilizing an “Open Gym” format on the day of the event during working hours and allowing teams to come in at any time and perform a few workouts.


Q: I don’t belong to an affiliate. How can I participate?

A: We recommend finding a local gym that’s hosting the event and seeing if you can join them. Or register as your own team and find a buddy to do a few workouts within your home gym!


KILL CLIFF is going to reward the top 11 individual fundraisers with a KILL CLIFF Winter Experience, so get registered now! The prizes don't stop there. Click here to see the other possible prizes you can win with your fundraising efforts!