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Kill Cliff Recommends: Badass of the Week Is the Ghost Camero

Chances are you have never heard of Helge Meyer, and chances are even better you never heard of his "Ghost Camero," but you should have, and here's why we love this post at our favorite nonfiction action website Badass of the Week.

In the 1990s, Eastern Europe was in a nasty war of ethnic cleansing, brutal urban combat. Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia were under siege, and no matter which side you took, civilians were in the middle and left helpless in the wake of not just fighting soldiers but also rebels, bandits, and terrorists. 

So what did ex-Danish Special Forces Jagercorps operative Helge Meyer do? The Badass of the Week post is startling in its detail of what this badass did.


"He bolted enough reinforced armor plating to his badass American muscle car that it looked like a Post-Apocalyptic Mad Max / Knight Rider fanfic crossover and then hauled ass through the landmine-riddled streets of downtown Sarajevo at 90 miles an hour delivering food to starving children while bandits and guerillas pinged AK rounds off his rear window and tried to blow his ass up with RPGs.  And he did it without the explicit approval of any government agency, military, or NGO, and without ever carrying a weapon larger than a pocketknife and his own radioactive ballsack."


We recommend you sip a refreshing and invigorating Kill Cliff Ignite beverage because by the time you finish reading about the Ghost Camero, you are going to want to take on some bad guys yourself.