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Kill Cliff Summer Reading: Badass of the Week’s Leo Prinsloo

The 2021 adventure of Leo Prinsloo, 52, was famous enough to inspire a parody video, but in case you missed it, the real recap of what Prinsloo did was pretty remarkable. The 12-year counterterrorism veteran, chief instructor at a South African combat defense school, and, apparently, an armored car driver, along with his partner of four days, Lloyd Mtombemi, were set up for a violent, high-speed hijacking of their cargo of high-tech merchandise in Pretoria. 

Instead of falling victim to the cars full of well-armed and well-motivated criminals shooting at his Land Rover, Prinsloo went on the offensive. It's a story of using your training, keeping your head, and having balls as big as church bells.

You really should read the rest of the adventure, complete with dashcam video of it all, as told by Badass of the Week.