Kill Cliff FIGHT CLUB fighter Logan Storely is a fine specimen of humanity from South Dakota. He was a four-time NCAA DI All-American wrestler for the University of Minnesota (go Golden Gophers!) and reached fourth in the Bellator welterweight rankings. We’ve collected a few things you might not know about the proud member of the Kill Cliff Fight Club. Starting with…

What Is Logan Storely’s Hometown?

Storley grew up in Roslyn, South Dakota, on a—no surprise—farm. Roslyn is known for having 20 lakes in 20 miles and a booming population of less than 200 people. 

What Else Is Roslyn, SD, Famous For?

Vinegar! Logan Storely’s hometown is home to the International Vinegar Museum. It hosts the annual International Vinegar Festival; it is recommended you bring your own salad. You thought we were kidding: https://www.internationalvinegarmuseum.com

What Was Logan Storely’s Childhoood Like?

Storely started wrestling when he was five-years-old. Later, he attended Webster High School in a nearby town—Roslyn officially has no schools of its own—and won six straight SDHSAA championships. 

How Did He Keep All Those Titles Straight?

He made notes! Logan Storely kept notebooks for each match and wrote down what he expected to happen during each round of the competition, all the way down to the score. “No one else worked like me and I knew that,” he said. His high-school record wasn’t too shabby, 262 wins and 3 losses throughout his six years of eligibility. He also won a NHSCA National Championship as a junior. 

Did WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar Help Logan Storely?

He did! While in high school, Storley would go to UFC heavyweight champion and WWE star Brock Lesnar’s training facility in Minnesota. They bonded over being from small towns in South Dakota and working on farms growing up. Getting the chance to work out and spar against guys like Tony Ferguson and watching Randy Couture up close in the gym reassured Storley that he could compete against the best and make a living doing it. 

What Was Logan Storely’s College Career Like?

Like Lesnar and fellow Kill Cliff Fight Clubber and 2020 Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson, Storley went to the University of Minnesota and wrestled as a Golden Gopher. His record was more than respectable. He became a four-time All-American and snagged a fourth-place finish as a senior at the NCAA DI Championships. He graduated with a 119-27 record. 

What Motivates Logan Storely?

Whatever it takes, right? Logan Storley is still motivated by the fact that he didn’t win a national individual title in college. We like to think Kill Cliff’s line of great-tasting clean energy drinks motivates him too; one of these should do.

What Happened in Logan Storely’s Early MMA Career?

After graduating from college, Storley headed West to Arizona to become a fighter. One of his first fights was in the Pentagon, which he won by TKO. Storley went on a run of five wins, all by first-round knockouts. Soon after, he signed with Bellator MMA. 

Who Was the First to Beat Logan Storely?

In November 2020, Storley faced fellow undefeated mixed martial artist, the Ukranian badass Yaroslav Amosov, at Bellator 252. He lost the back-and-forth bout by split decision, marking the first defeat of his career. Storley still believes he’s the better fighter.

Is Logan Storely a Trash Talker or a Sweet Guy?

Logan Storley doesn’t consider himself an angry guy. Outside the ring he’s not aggressive; in fact, he’s known for not calling out opponents. He coaches kids at the Sanford, Florida, fight training facility—and he adopted a cat last year. (You have to imagine that cat is badass.)

In Fact, Logan Storely Is All Business.

With a business marketing degree, Logan Storley has gotten busy investing and has multiple properties in Minneapolis. 

He’s on Insta…

Feel free to connect: @logan_storley


Walked out to Diddy’s “Coming Home” at a recent fight in South Dakota.

How tall is Logan Storely?: 5’ 9”

How much does Logan Storely weigh? 170

Reach: 71 1/2”

Team: Sanford MMA

Fighting out of Webster, South Dakota

When he’s not wrestling you can find Storley wakesurfing or golfing.

Nickname: Storm

Says he learned more from his handful of losses than his hundreds of wins.

Plans to fight until he’s 34.

How old is Logan Storely? He’s 29.

 Logan Storely's favorite flavor of Kill Cliff