Make It! Light Up the Summer With Blue Laser LemonsAde - Kill Cliff

Make It! Light Up the Summer With Blue Laser LemonsAde

Kill Cliff’s Designated Bartender® Jake Steel has been busy coming up with refreshing summer drinks using various Kill Cliff flavors. This week, Steel has outdone himself: We’re adding a smidge of alcohol to a Kill Cliff Octane beverage which boast caffeine AND CBD. What direction you want to go in? We got you covered.

Let’s let Jake take it from here.

Yes, Kill Cliff’s Octane Laser Lemons is fine and delicious the way it is, but I decided to turn the yellow to green for a refreshing twist—by adding blue.

Say what?

I’m calling this the Blue Laser LemonsAde. The result will come out kind of green, but no matter! Drink it, it’s terrific!

We use Kill Cliff’s tasty AF Octane Laser Lemons—which is a delightful combination of 125mg of clean, all-natural caffeine and 25mg of CBD boiled down from 125mg of broad-spectrum hemp—and add some juicy fresh fruit to the mix.

Kill Cliff says Laser Lemons is an “herbal lemonade with a hint of lasers.” Depending on how much of the blueberry sauce you use, you’ll get more than a hint of lasers, I promise you.

OK, you ready?

Kill Cliff’s Blue Laser LemonsAde

12 ounces of Kill Cliff Octane Laser Lemons

2 jiggers of blueberry vodka

¼ cup fresh blueberries

Drop a healthy handful of blueberries in a shake and muddle them to death. Add the vodka and slowly pour in the Laser LemonsAde over ice. Give it all a brisk shake and pour over ice in a tall glass. Add more Laser Lemons to top off the glass.

Now, I ask you: What color is that?

Who cares? It’s delicious. Drink it, but drink it responsibly, like Laser Kitty