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Morning Routines and Daily Habits

Developing routines will be one of the healthiest things you can do for your body and mind!
I’ll get into my morning routine in a bit but first here are a few things to focus on when trying to design a routine.
  • Start with one thing at a time. Don’t try to change everything at once. Attempting to make drastic changes is the easiest way to failure. Start small and add to it progressively. (ex. Do one stretch as soon as you wake up for two weeks, then do 2 stretches for 2 weeks, and so on. Eventually, you are doing a yoga session every morning and loving it!)
  • Do it 7 days a week. Don’t drop off because it is the weekend. This will make it easier to stick to your routine. (If you plan to wake up at 7am every day then wake up at 7am every day).
  • Write it down (especially in the beginning). If you keep a daily journal and you reference it every day you are less likely to skip out on your goals. When it becomes a habit you will likely no longer need to write it down.
Here is how my morning routine goes. It has changed a few times and will continue to change but what’s important is that I start my day out with success.
  • Make my bed. Not Fourseason style but I pull back the blanks and have it set for when I return to bed at night.
  • Brush my teeth and floss. (flossing was the habit I worked on developing daily)
  • Walk barefoot outside. (this is known as “grounding or earthing” and will surprisingly make you feel good first thing in the morning).
  • Listen to a podcast while getting ready. (I have small windows for continued education and podcasts are super easy to have going while I get ready, shower, etc.)
  • Drink a glass of water followed by my morning green drink. (kick starts my hydration along with a bunch of vitamins, mineral, prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, etc.)
  • Meditate (this one has been my biggest challenge. So I use an app, Calm, that allows me to set time as short as 1 minute if needed.)
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