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Mountain Tactical Institute

A unique component of MTI programming is its focus on work capacity.  Professional trainer Rob Shaul describes it, “Intense bouts of cardiorespiratory and muscular stress at high, but sub-maximal levels best mirror the most dangerous tactical and mountain situations…we call this type of fitness work capacity.” Work capacity is at the core functional fitness training and ultimately defines your ability to perform in alpine and tactical environments.  

We challenge you to take your self-assessment today and try MTI’s Ultimate Work Capacity Training Session.   

Also, try MTN's 60-minute Ultimate Tactical Athlete Training Session 

Links to specific training exercises are here

Rob’s programming is available online and accessible to everyone, regardless of your starting point.  You can find his programs online by clicking here

Mountain Tactical Institute (MTI), founded by professional trainer Rob Shaul, builds fitness solutions from the ground up, focused on improving the performance of mountain and tactical athletes.  Widely recognized as a thought leader in fitness programming within mountain and tactical professions and fitness media, MTI has a laser focus on preparing athletes for mission performance. Their influence spans the globe, with customers such as some of the top alpinists in the world as well as many prominent special forces, law enforcement, and fire/rescue organizations.