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My 2 Rules For Faster Progress


Still not getting your muscle ups? Rarely hitting 90+% on lifts? Still can’t do a handstand? Still have tight shoulders and hips, etc...? Here are 2 Rules that I apply to all of my clients and athletes!

Rule #1: Maintain an 80% success rate during training.
If you decide to train muscle-ups or snatches, and you attempt 10 reps and only make 2 reps, then what you have really done is spend a majority of your time missing skills, performing bad movement and creating habits of failure.
Using muscle-ups as the skill and attempting 10 reps as the training, if our success rate is only making 2 reps (20%), then we will require that you use a muscle-up drill to achieve good and successful movement for an additional 10+ reps to get our movement and success rate back above 80%. If we use weightlifting as the skill, we don’t allow more than 3 misses before performing drop sets. If the drop set is missed then we drop the % more until we make lifts resulting in at least an 80% success rate. Also, keep in mind that I don’t necessarily want a 100% success rate. I want my athletes to be pushing themselves during training. !00% here and there is good but if you don’t miss every now and then we are likely slowing progress by not pushing hard enough.

Rule #2: Repeat what you need to improve on at least 2 times a week.
This is the minimum. If you really want to get better at something, it needs to be practiced often. Gymnasts don’t develop good handstands by practicing them once every 10 days. They perform them daily to achieve the skill and then do variations of them daily to maintain the skill. Constantly varying your training will result in a certain level of fitness but will not result in developing specific strength, new skills, and consistent progress. Don’t be in a rush. For most individuals, we expect at least 8-12 weeks of training a specific movement to see any significant strength, mobility, and/or comfort development. And that is to just see a change. If you enjoy my posts you can help support me by checking out my link below!

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