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My Top 5 Ways to Go from Good to Great!

There are different types of people/athletes:
- Highly Talented + Lazy
- Moderate Talent + Lazy
- Low Talent + Lazy
- Low Talent + Hard Working
- Moderate Talent + Hard Working
- Highly Talented + Hard Working

As a coach, you want to commit most of your focus on the Moderate Talent + Hard Working athletes. Reasons being that the Highly Talented + Lazy will just result in heartbreak and the Highly Talented + Hard Working are unicorns. (Jump on it if you find it but you likely won’t find one).

I have 5 focuses for those that fall in this category to help them go from good to great!

1. Learn to train by feel. They should develop an understanding, within themselves, on how hard they can train and push themselves without burnout. Learning to rest when needed and push when they can keep an athlete training long term with a lower risk of injury and/or burnout. One of the biggest indicators of success is time in a sport.

2. Communication. When an athlete learns to communicate with their coaches (and themselves) in a healthy way, a coach can continue to build the programs around the athlete. With little to no communication, an athlete could continue to run into the same issues or plateaus over and over again, creating a frustrating situation for everyone.

3. Doing Accessory Work. Most programs have an accessory work element to them that might include mobility work, weakness training, recovery cardio, etc. Many athletes have a tendency to skip this regularly because it doesn’t seem as specific or it’s not fun. Do your accessory work!

4. Sleep. If you know me then you know how seriously I take sleep. It is the best recovery you get. If you are religiously foam rolling, ice bathing, stretching but are getting less than 8 hrs of sleep then you are wasting a lot of your time. Focus on developing sleep first! 8-10 hrs for athletes.

5. Diet. I’m not going to get into diet here but what you fuel yourself with and when can greatly accelerate your progress. Most high level/successful athlete monitor/track their food. Learn to fuel properly. (This includes hydration).

If you are dialing in those 5 things then you are on track to reach your athletic potential!
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