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New Study: CBD May Be Effective Treatment in Covid Cases

More good news. In fact, great news!

First: A study from the University of Oregon suggests CBD may be effective in preventing the coronavirus from entering human cells. (See our take.)

Now: Another peer-reviewed study indicates cannabidiol (CBD) can block covid in early stages of infection. The study offers strong evidence that CBD can treat and slow the transmission of COVID-19. (Read it yourself.)

CBD is NOT a substitute for vaccinations, warns researchers at the University of Louisville and the University of Chicago. The study was published in Science Advances

From the report: Scientists found that CBD inhibits the replication of genes required for the growth and spread of the virus throughout the body. They performed the same tests on three covid-19 variants and found the same result.

That’d be Delta and Omicron, we imagine.

The researchers emphasized that it was CBD and not the psychoactive THC compound that was effective in neutralizing covid’s devastating effects. 

While the study’s results are exciting, additional lab work is needed to determine the precise dosing of CBD that is effective at preventing covid infection in humans.

“As a bottom line,” say the researchers, “what this says is that CBD has the potential to prevent infections, such as breakthrough infections, which might be one of the most useful applications.” 

While scientists start developing pharmaceuticals to prevent and treat covid-related illnesses using hemp products, Kill Cliff CBD drinks are already available in six flavors including the recently introduced Octane Killer Cliffsicle, which combines 25 mg of CBD distilled from 125 mg of help with 125 mg of clean, natural caffeine. 

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Disclaimer: Kill Cliff CBD drinks are not approved by anybody (yet!) for use as a covid or covid-related vaccine or treatment. You know what is? Vaccines! But Kill Cliff’s line of possibly-covid-preventing beverages is far more delicious.