Revealed! CBD Meets Citrus in Orange Kush—Crush It! - Kill Cliff

Revealed! CBD Meets Citrus in Orange Kush—Crush It!

There’s a sweet spot that exists between the tantalizing flavor of fresh citrus and the creamy finish of succulent orange. Make way for Kill Cliff’s Limited Edition: Orange Kush.

This drink isn’t for the weary. Crack open a cold one and enter a new dimension of possibility.

The inviting fruity aroma will help keep you energized and alert while 125mg of hemp extract delivers 25mg of CBD to your body to help regulate your appetite, even out your mood, assist in sleeping, and relieve pain.   

This drink is refreshing. Tangy, sweet and ever so smooth. Slight carbonation adds a bouncy kick that will make the flavors tingle on your tastebuds.  


Simultaneously a sunrise and a sunset in your mouth, taste steals the show but there are plenty of other benefits your body will glean from a can of Orange Kush.

Naturally flavored and sugar free (we use stevia sourced from the stevia plant), Kill Cliff Orange Kush features only 20 calories per 12oz can. Plus, you’ll get tons of electrolytes and B-vitamins to enhance your hydration, and you get essential antioxidants into your system to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.

Every crusader has a secret weapon to slay their thirst and now you have yours. The best tasting CBD drink in the world, from yours truly at Kill Cliff.


Forgotten Summer

1.5 ounces Ketel One Botanical Peach and Orange Blossom Vodka

4 ounces Orange Kush

Pour over ice and stir. Sip slowly.


*Enjoy! Responsibly!