Revealed! Kill Cliff’s Ignite Smashing Citrus Is 'A Cruise to Flavor Town' - Kill Cliff

Revealed! Kill Cliff’s Ignite Smashing Citrus Is 'A Cruise to Flavor Town'

At Kill Cliff, we strive to help you smash your goals. That’s why we made a hot new flavor to help you do it. Kill Cliff’s Ignite Smashing Citrus

This drink is loaded with tangy goodness. Succulent fresh-squeezed oranges intertwine with the smell of tangerines to energize and optimize. A little on the sweeter side of our patented Sweet-O-Meter—because, why not?— KC’s Smashing Citrus delivers a refreshing natural flavor with a nod to the old school days of Tang. Yes, Tang! Citrus all the way baby.

Because of its light flavor, it’s a great choice any time of day.

This drink has a leg up on the Gatorades and Red Bulls of the world. It combines stellar, clean, all-natural caffeine (we’re talking 150mg) with 240mg of potassium to replenish your electrolytes. No bogus ingredients and no crash afterwards.

Water is healthy. But it’s also boring.

We still want you to drink water, but if you want a knockout flavor, hydrate with Smashing Citrus. Only 25 calories per can and 0g of sugar. Your body will also get loads of Vitamins B6, B12 and E.

Verified Buyer Wade K. says: “If you need to light a fire under your ass hotter than the hinges on the gates of hell, then this drink is for you.”

We couldn’t have said it better, Wade.

Fuel your body for your next adventure and prepare for the smashing of a lifetime. Those taste buds might not ever come back from their citrus cruise to flavor town.