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Revealed! The Origin of the CBD Strawberry Daze Canyon Chiller

Bartenders hear the best stories. Some of them tell the best stories. Kill Cliff’s Designated Bartender® Jake Steel shares this one, the origin of the Kill Cliff CBD Strawberry Daze Canyon Chiller. Crack one open, sit back, and enjoy*.

So my best man calls me to come out to Phoenix and celebrate his birthday by camping the Grand Canyon....

This has epic potential written all over it, so I grabbed a four-pack of Kill Cliff CBD Strawberry Daze and threw it in my kit, along with some dusty camping supplies.

We drive the three hours up through the desert to the Canyon, start setting up the tents in front of a majestic view, and proceed to sip on Bootleg Mules of vodka and ginger beer. (Yeah, I know, limes, but nobody has time to juice a lime when fending off bears and tent poles.) We finally get sorted and head out to survey the territory and gather supplies for the night. 

Well, it turns out the Grand Canyon is a bit chillier than Phoenix, and there was still snow on the ground in some spots. The Mules just weren't cutting it. I needed something more. Something warm. Luckily another member of the expedition, let's call him “Todd,” had picked up a bottle of pecan whiskey at the market. (Yes, apparently at the Canyon there's a giant supermarket-liquor-store-gift-shop thing. I thought we were roughing it!).

Now, this stuff was awesome! But I'm not starting on straight whiskey this early, so I conducted a little chemistry experiment using my handy Kill Cliff; here’s the recipe:

Kill Cliff Canyon Chiller 

·      1 generous shot of pecan whiskey; I've made this cocktail a few times since and any whiskey will do, just depends on how sweet you want it.

·      1 12-ounce can of Kill Cliff CBD Strawberry Daze 

·      Splash(es) of ginger beer

Add whiskey and Kill Cliff CBD Strawberry Daze to a tumbler and give it a stir. Top with the ginger beer as a floater. If you are in the Grand Canyon and there is snow on your tent, avoid ice and just drink the concoction at Canyon temperature. If you are at home, pour it over ice and hit it with the ginger beer as a topper.

The whiskey adds warmth, the ginger beer adds spice and depth, and the Strawberry Daze’s 25mg of CBD distilled from 125mg of broad-spectrum hemp very pleasantly, and very gradually, evens things out.

The verdict? 

Money! This was it! Everything we've been working toward. Refreshing. Not too heavy. And warmed you up just enough to take the chill off. We grabbed our drinks and headed out for a sunset hike. 

We get to the South Rim just in time to chill out in front of a sun the same color as the beverage. Our new favorite drinks were working their magic on the moment.  

*Drink responsibly, which means reasonably.