Revealed! What does Kill Cliff’s Flaming Joe taste like? - Kill Cliff

Revealed! What does Kill Cliff’s Flaming Joe taste like?

He’s sat across the table from Elon Musk, Russell Brand, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Mike Tyson, and countless others with something to say.

He’s acted in sitcoms, headlined comedy shows, and hosted a show where contestants sit in worm-filled coffins facing their fears. And of course, he's seen it all as the ringside pundit at UFC events.

He’s signed a Spotify deal estimated at more than $200 million and hosts one of the most popular podcasts on the planet.

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the man, the myth, the legend, Joe Rogan.


However, none Rogan’s achievements amount to the pinnacle of his career thus far: Teaming up with Kill Cliff to make a one-of-a-kind drink, Kill Cliff CBD Flaming Joe.

It’s pretty much like having a luau in your mouth and all your taste buddies are invited.

The sweet, classic pineapple taste flows out of this can followed by a zesty kick. This golden drink is tropical, spicy, and the honeyed smell couldn’t be juicier.

A mere 20 calories per 12-ounce can and naturally flavored, Kill Cliff Flaming Joe contains a load of B-vitamins and electrolytes to help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.

The 25mg of clean caffeine is from green tea, which gives you a smooth energy increase without the jitters. And because it’s naturally sweetened with stevia extract, you get a great taste without the added crap and calories. And there's not spike or crash—it just sort of wears off.

What’s better than a drink that’s good for you and tastes great? In the words of Rogan, “It’s goddamn delicious and it’s got my face on it.”

Aspire to be the person you pretend to be and get your flame on with Kill Cliff Flaming Joe.