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Revealed! What Does Kill Cliff’s Killer Cliffsicle Taste Like?

Imagine this: You’re keeping consistent with your fitness and have strung together a week of healthy eating. Then, Dr. Evil, aka the Sugar Monster, starts growling.

You’ve got a craving. And the only thing that can fix it?

Ice cream.

Whoa. Yeah, there goes the discipline and here comes the guilt.

Before you grab your keys and jet out the door to Cold Stone, listen to us. What if we told you we’ve got a cure to satisfy your sweet tooth without guzzling a pint of sugar and fat?

Kill Cliff presents: Octane Killer Cliffsicle, aka, the “tasty AF CBD drink.”


Honoring the classic flavors of a Creamsicle ice cream bar, Killer Cliffsicle combines the natural citrusy flavor of plump oranges with a side of sweet vanilla ice cream.

It’s refreshing, thirst-quenching, and undeniably creamy. No artificial taste, and no competition amongst other energy and CBD drinks.


Ummm, oranges.

From the smell to the taste. We promise, it’s tasty AF.

Even better are the benefits your body will glean from one 12oz can: 25mg of all-natural, restorative CBD smooths over the clean caffeine sourced from green tea, meaning you’ll get a jolt of energy without the jitters. And NO crash. It just sort of…wears off.

Kill Cliff’s Killer Cliffsicle contains 0 grams of sugar and only 15 calories. Our proprietary electrolyte formula allows your body to perform at peak performance by delivering 240mg of potassium—that’s 5 percent of your daily value.

Plus, our blend of vitamin B5, B6, B12 and Vitamin E helps reduce inflammation and oxidative stress by contributing to energy metabolism and cognitive brain function. Got that?

Octane Killer Cliffsicle will have you twerking while you’re working. Killer benefits shaken gently and served ice cold.