Revealed! What Does Kill Cliff's G.O.A.T. Taste Like? (Hint: It Ain't Lamb) - Kill Cliff

Revealed! What Does Kill Cliff's G.O.A.T. Taste Like? (Hint: It Ain't Lamb)

Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, Sugar Ray Robinson…

What do all these athletes have in common?

They’re the G.O.A.T of their respective sports of course. That’s “Greatest Of All Time” for those of you who live under a rock.

Nothing beats being at the top of your game and redefining what’s possible. And now there’s a drink ready to join the inner circle of greats. And it has the stuff to keep you in the game as well.


Kill Cliff’s limited edition G.O.A.T, The “Grapest” of All Time, is, we humbly submit, truly the best in the game. Especially, especially in the CBD world.

Snag a can of this stuff and be well on your way to victory.


Marvel at the original artwork of this limited edition can of carbonated choas. The illustration is a collaboration with Mishka, one of the most prominent artist collectives on Earth. What is it? It's a gnarly, hugely horned goat munching on purple grapes and glaring at you with one bloodshot eyeball—this drink belongs in a pop-culture museum.

A cyclops goat! You're going to want the hat. Yes you do. AND the all-purpose tumbler. Get it here. AND of course the tie-died tee. Look at this!

Take a sip and you’ll be hit up front with a classic grape soda flavor. If you’re a person that likes grape Jolly Ranchers, you’ll go nuts for this drink.

Like other drinks in the Kill Cliff CBD line, there is no aftertaste and no weird artificial flavors. Also no sugar. A mere 20 calories in a 12-ounce can. Even non-grape lovers praise this flavor for being deliciously calm and refreshing.

Aside from the stellar taste, you’ll also get 25mg of broad spectrum CBD, an ingredient that can be used to treat chronic pain, inflammation, migraines, sleep disorders, and symptoms of stress.

You know this but it bears repeating: This drink and other CBD Kill Cliff drinks contain 0% THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana that makes you feel “high.”


Kill Cliff Verified Buyer Eric H. says, “This is like drinking grape KoolAid as a kid but with a chill effect at the end!!!”

Kill Cliff Verified Buyer Maxwell L. recommends pairing this with a peanut butter protein bar for the “ultimate PB & J.” That's a great idea!

In addition to CBD, you’ll also load your body with electrolytes and B-vitamins. The sweetness in this drink tastes all natural. That’s because it is. Stevia is the source and it’s made from plants. Hence you get a naturally sweet taste without the guilt of added calories.

Give grape a shot (grapeshot, get it? No? Look it up.) and gain G.O.A.T status with the best tasting CBD drink on the market.