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Kill Cliff Fight Club Athlete Ryan Bader

Kill Cliff FIGHT CLUB fighter Ryan Bader takes on Corey Anderson Saturday, October 16, in the Bellator Light Heavyweight World Grand Prix Semifinals. But you knew that. Here are some things you might not know about our proud Kill Cliff fighter. Beginning with…


What is Ryan Bader’s full name?

The 38-year-old MMA veteran was named by his parents as Ryan DuWayne Bader.


Cool, but what’s his nickname?

It’s obvious, isn’t it? Bader rhymes with…wait a minute…VADER. But his nickname isn’t Ryan “Vader” Bader because that would be stupid. No, his nickname is Darth, duh! Ryan “Darth” Vader Bader. Nice!


When and where was Ryan Darth Bader born?

Bader was birthed June 7, 1983, in Reno, Nevada, home of the National Automobile Museum, which should be on everyone’s bucket list for places to visit.


What are Ryan Bader’s dimensions?

Darth Bader stands at 6’2 and weighs in at 205. He has a reach of 74 inches, about as long as a full-sized bed.


How did Ryan Darth Bader get into MMA?

Like an unsurprising great many Kill Cliff FIGHT CLUB fighters, Bader started his pugilistic career as a wrestler, beginning at the very young age of 7. 


Was Ryan Bader a successful wrestler?

Was he ever! Plus, football! He won two state championships for Robert McQueen High (go Lancers!); he was also 2001 Nevada Defensive Player of the Year in gridiron (they won the state championship; this guy’s a winner, for sure) before going to Arizona State (go Sun Devils!), where as a two-time All American he took the PAC-10 title in ’03, ’04, and ’06. 


Has Ryan Bader ever been on a television series?

Not only was he a featured contestant on Season 8 of The Ultimate Fighter, but he swept the competition and won “The Ultimate Fighter” title, which entitled him to a “six-figure contract.” 


What are Ryan Bader’s tattoos?

Ryan sports a few, but the most distinctive is the half-sleeve on his right shoulder and arm. It’s a coat-of-arms that demonstrates his Eastern European heritage.


Is Ryan Darth Bader’s wife named after a flower?

Yes! Daisy and Ryan were married in October 2010.



The October 16, 2021, fight vs. Corey Anderson is at Phoenix’s Footprint Center. Bader lives in Tempe, about a 20-minute drive.

Bader wins 42 percent of his fights by KO.

Ryan Bader made his professional debut at age 23, vs. Dave Covello. Bader won by TKO.

Great Ryan Bader quote: “I’m not one of those guys talking smack, because we’ve seen it catches up to you at some point.