Should I Drink an Energy Drink Before My Run? How About During My Run? Optimize Your Running Routine! - Kill Cliff

Should I Drink an Energy Drink Before My Run? How About During My Run? Optimize Your Running Routine!


We are damn proud of our badass KILL CLIFF fans. KILL CLIFF energy drinks support the work outs of world class athletes from the likes of Joe Rogan to CrossFit goers, and last year KILL CLIFF enthusiast Freddy Rodriquez completed a 50 mile run to honor fallen Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy. Clearly you are giving us a lot to be proud of, and we are committed to supporting your hard work!

Whether you are hitting the elliptical or setting out for a trail run, we want to break down how energy drinks can optimize your performance. As always, we’ll also give you some tips and tricks to consider. 


Let’s explore potential benefits of drinking an energy drink before your run. 


Whether you need a little extra energy to keep your mind focused on the run at hand or rid you of pre-race jitters, energy drinks are said to help athletes get in the zone for the task ahead. Many athletes attribute a more consistent physical performance throughout their work out to this sense of calm.

It’s never a good idea to start your workout without proper fluid levels. Not only is hydration key to your body performing at its peak efficiency (and getting the most out of your workout), but studies have also shown that your brain power is also negatively impacted if you are even slightly dehydrated during a workout. So, in addition to grabbing your normal water bottle, adding an energy drink can bring great taste, electrolytes, and extra pep to elevate your pre-workout routine. 

Don’t forget that working out in hot or humid conditions mean you will sweat even more! Proper electrolytes and hydration become even more important in an environment that puts stress on your body. Experts also suggest that hydrating an hour before your run can help you achieve full benefits—staying both physically and mentally sharp. 

Sparknotes: When you are well fed and hydrated, adding an energy drink can bring additional alertness, energy, and electrolytes! 


Discover reasons some runners opt to use energy drinks while running below! 


First off, what is hyponatremia? Known as water intoxication, hyponatremia is caused by not maintain proper sodium levels and ingesting too much water.  The resulting imbalance in the blood-brain barrier causes swelling and a range of other symptoms. In a mind case, a person experiencing hyponatremia may be nauseous or dizzy, while in severe cases hyponatremia can cause comas, cardiac arrest, or even death. This dangerous condition requires runners, especially marathon runners, be especially careful about their sodium and water balance. 

How can energy drinks help avoid hyponatremia? By choosing energy drinks that contain proper electrolytes, we can help our body maintain the proper balance, even while loosing sodium due to sweat. This is especially helpful during runs that last over an hour! 


During long runs, our body depletes its store of glycogen (sugars obtained from carbs and stored in our muscles). Energy drinks can provide the additional get up and go needed to help overcome the infamous runner’s “crash.” 



Runners World warns that consuming milk-based energy drinks during a run is NOT a good idea. Milk is time consuming for the body to digest (because it contains components like carbs and proteins), which means that drinking a milk-based energy drink before or during a run leaves you with dairy sloshing around throughout your run. Not ideal. 


Despite research that both caffeine and sugar can positively impact performance, many energy drinks contain TOO much sugar to use while running. Because traditional energy drinks have between 110-160 sugar calories per serving, the dense carbohydrate content of the sugar slows down how fast the body can absorb the liquid its so badly needs. It’s a fact: your body need to absorb water content quickly on a run. The resulting slowed digestion can also lead to an upset stomach—a situation that can quickly turn into every runner’s worst nightmare. 

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According to AllAboutMarathonTraining, it is critical for runners to closely investigate the ingredients of the energy drink they choose. Here at KILL CLIFF we couldn’t agree more that ingredients are key! We stand behind our products 100% and share all lab results with our customers. Explore our products to learn more!