Stop Your Wondering: Here Are Some FAQs on Kill Cliff's CBD - Kill Cliff

Stop Your Wondering: Here Are Some FAQs on Kill Cliff's CBD

By Buzz McClain

The questions most often asked about CBD products are, “Will CBD show up in drug tests?,” “Will CBD get me high?,” and “Does CBD contain THC?”

Great questions, with ONE answer: No, especially if you consume your CBD in a Kill Cliff beverage. Here’s why:

Kill Cliff products deliver CBD derived from non-intoxicating hemp; there is NO THC in the ingredients. Not even accidentally. And while you won’t get high ingesting CBD, the health benefits are numerous, including anxiety relief, depression, acne, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, and, significantly, childhood epilepsy seizures. 

Kill Cliff’s line of CBD beverages contain a whopping 25 milligrams of CBD—distilled down from 125 milligrams of hemp—carefully and cleverly synthesized to enter the human bloodstream fast and without the drawback of other CBD delivery systems, which is dilution. 

CBD oils have to travel through the human digestive system to reach the end goal, but during that journey the total dosage is depleted to the point of pointlessness. Kill Cliff has engineered the CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream well before dilution happens, delivering far more of the “good stuff” faster.

Kill Cliff beverages are formulated to go easy on your drink hole (we like happy drink holes) with bright, all-natural fruit flavors, light carbonation, naturally occurring nutrients, and no sugars or artificial sweeteners whatsoever.

So, in other words, permit us some “can-splaining” (explaining what’s on the can): Real Science + Killer Taste = Kill Cliff CBD. Enjoy.