Summertime in a Can: Kill Cliff Berry Legit Lemonade Flavor Review - Kill Cliff

Summertime in a Can: Kill Cliff Berry Legit Lemonade Flavor Review

The first time you take a sip of Kill Cliff’s Berry Legit Lemonade, you’ll experience the inviting taste of summertime lemonade stands intertwined with juicy wild blackberries

Slightly tart but sweet enough, this is a thirst-quenching drink you could sip mixed with your favorite liquor (see below for recipe) or gulp after a workout. It’s slightly carbonated, producing a pleasant tingling on your tongue. (The bit of bubbles also makes it hard to "down-in-one," which is OK for a refreshing beverage.)

This drink doesn’t taste like those fake, lemonade powdered drink mixes of the past. 

And it’s not. Ingredients in Kill Cliff are all natural. 

Berry Legit Lemonade is one of five flavors in Kill Cliff’s “Energize X Recover” line. All use a specialized blend of plant extracts, enzymes, electrolytes, and B-vitamins to support hydration and workout recovery. The luscious apricot color comes from fruit and vegetable extract.

At only 20 calories per can and 0 grams of sugar, no need to feel guilty when you’re drinking the beverage that’s just too berry legit to quit. Plus, you get 25mg of clean caffeine to help you tackle your day or night.

Kill Cliff is best served cold; pop those cans in the fridge or pour over ice for the tastiest effect. 

Now go out there and crush it.

Kill Cliff Berry Legit Adult Lemonade Recipe*

12 ounces of Kill Cliff Berry Legit Lemonade

1 part vodka, or to your liking

1/4 cup of fresh blackberries

1 fresh lemon wedge

Pour Kill Cliff Berry Legit Lemonade, vodka, and berries into a cocktail shaker of ice. Shake, shake, shake, shake your booty. Some berries may not survive intact, and that's OK.

Pour into a tall sippy cup, easy peasy lemon squeezy the lemon into the cup and drop it in. Put on the lid and get busy with your life.

*Drink reasonably and responsibly; we want you back.