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The ABCs of CBD—and Kill Cliff (Part 2)

Some beverage companies offer FAQs about their products. At Kill Cliff, we provide the Fs, As, and Qs as well as the rest of the alphabet. Here is our beginner’s guide to CBD and Kill Cliff, The ABCs of CBD. (See last week for Part 1.)

J: Joe Rogan. The popular podcaster/MMA announcer likes Kill Cliff so much, he suggested a flavor. Now the Kill Cliff CBD Limited Edition Flaming Joe Spicy Pineapple is one of Kill Cliff’s most popular drinks. Sugar free and with electrolytes and B-vitamins as well as 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD.

K: Kill Cliff! Of course! Kill Cliff’s two lines of CBD beverages combine real science with tasty AF flavors. Get some!

L: Laser Kitty! This adorable baby feline is deceptively dangerous, with laser beams that shoot out of her eyes at the slightest provocation. You can see her image on a can of Kill Cliff Octane Laser Lemons, a revolutionary and refreshing citrusy drink with 125mg of caffeine AND 25mg of CBD.

M: Metabolism. CBD has shown to boost metabolism—the chemical process that maintains no less than life itself. It may also inspire a reduced intake of food, leading to weight loss.

N: Navy SEAL Foundation. Kill Cliff was developed and is operated by former SEALs. Since 2015, when Kill Cliff became a partner with the Foundation, Kill Cliff has raised and donated more than $1 million to support the warriors and their families.

O: Oil. Many CBD consumers use eyedroppers to ingest tinctures—CBD oil—under their tongues. The amount of CBD that actually reaches the liver, and thereby the brain, is woefully less than advertised.

P: Pain. And inflammation. CBD has been shown to relieve both of these, even in chronic cases. The CBD activates the brain’s endocannabinoid receptors—everyone has them—and creates chemicals that counteract pain and reduce inflammation. It also regulates inflammatory molecules called cytokines; when that happens, inflammation is reduced.

Q: Quality. Kill Cliff’s “chain of custody” extends to all aspects of what goes into the can, assuring consumers they are enjoying the cleanest, best-designed CBD beverage on the market.

R: Recycle. As in, recycle Your Kill Cliff can. Thank you.

S: Stress. CBD relieves stress and the effects associated with anxiety. Keep putting it into your body for the best results.

T: Terpenes. The elements that give plants their natural aromas. While other CBD products remove terpenes, Kill Cliff leaves the aromatic of hemp in the final product, creating a distinctive dash of deliciousness.

U: Understanding. Understanding that for CBD to be effective, you need to keep it in your system. It is recommended to ingest CBD each day for maximum, consistent effect. Cannabinoids build up in the body over time; a daily dose can help promote a more effective endocannabinoid system (ECS).

V: Vomiting. Delta-8, aka Delta-8-tetrahydrocannbinol (THC)—will make you vomit. There is NO Delta-8 in Kill Cliff products. 

W: Wholesale. Kill Cliff has a program that allows wholesalers to give their customers a clean, great tasting, and science-based alternative to toxic drinks.

X: We couldn’t think of an X.

Y: You. Kill Cliff’s CBD and energy and energy x recovery drinks are about relaxing, recovery, restoring, and keeping you in the game, whatever your game may be. 

Z: Zilch, as in “zilch sugar, zilch acesulfame potassium (Ace-K), zilch aspartame, zilch sucralose, and zilch any other artificial sweetener that may harm you.”