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The Benefits of Asian Ginseng Root


One of the world's oldest remedies is Asain Ginseng Root. Ginseng Root has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, as it can help with your brain function, erectile dysfunction, inflammatory issues, immune system, and physical performance. 

Let's learn more about this miracle root and the benefits it brings. 

Brain Function

The older you get, the more ginseng you're going to want to be consuming, as ginseng can help improve brain functions such as memory, behavior, and mood.

Other studies have shown that ginseng can help improve mental performance and reduce fatigue during times of mental stress. 

Another study has shown that ginseng has a positive effect on the brain's function and behavior in those with Alzheimer's. 

A fourth study has shown that daily consumption of ginseng over eight days improved calmness and math skills. 

Erectile Dysfunction

Fellas, get a load of this. Studies have shown that ginseng can be used as an alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction. 

The way this happens is that the compounds in ginseng seem to protect against oxidative stress in the blood vessels and tissues in the penis, which help to restore normal function. 

Another study has shown that ginseng promotes the production of nitric oxide, a compound that improves blood circulation and muscle relaxation in the penis. 

Inflammatory Issues

According to studies, Ginseng contains beneficial antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

A test-tube study has shown that ginseng extract can amplify anti-oxidant capacity and inhibit inflammation in cells. 

Through studies, researchers concluded that ginseng may help reduce oxidative stress through an increase in antioxidant enzyme activities. 

Immune System

According to studies, ginseng can help strengthen your immune system. 

Through tests on stomach cancer patients, patients that were given ginseng showed improvements in immune functions and lower symptom reoccurrence.

Another similar study on stomach cancer patients after a period of three months showed that patients given ginseng had a better immune system than those that were given a placebo. 

Physical Performance

Various studies have linked ginseng to lower oxidative stress and higher energy production in cells, which results in less fatigue. 

A review of over 155 studies showed that ginseng may not only help reduce fatigue but al it can also provide physical activity enhancement. 

Are there any drinks with Asain Ginseng Root?

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