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The Dangers of Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K)

Since we've already talked about the other two big names in artificial sweeteners, aspartame and sucralose, we figured we'd dive into the third big name in artificial sweeteners, Acesulfame Potassium aka Ace-K.

Ace-K is a calorie-free sweetener that is 200x sweeter than table sugar. Ace-K is used in many diet products, including sugar-free versions of Red Bull, Rockstar, Bang, and Monster. Ace-K is known for having a bitter aftertaste, which often leads to it being paired with other artificial sweeteners. 

Though the Food and Drug Administration approved of the usage of Ace-K in 1998, there are still some dangers surrounding the drink that every customer should be aware of before they consume it. 

Dangers of Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K)

One of the major issues surrounding Ace-K is that it contains the carcinogen methylene chloride. According to studies, headaches, depression, nausea, mental confusion, liver effects, kidney effects, visual disturbances, and cancer can all result from long-term exposure to methylene chloride.  

Ace-K reportedly can disrupt metabolic processes and interfere with appetite regulation, blood sugar control, and body weight. 

Additionally, studies have shown that Ace-K can affect the early development of babies during pregnancy. Studies also show that a high daily intake of artificially sweetened drinks can cause premature births. 

Through several studies (1, 2, 3, 4), researchers have determined that there is a link between the consumption of drinks with Ace-K and the development of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. 

Test tube studies have shown that Ace-K has been confirmed to increase the amount of sugar absorbed by cells from the gut. 

Are there non-artificial healthy alternatives to sugar?

Of course, there are alternatives!

Natural Sweeteners

Erythritol and Stevia are two natural alternatives that can be used instead of the dangerous artificial sweeteners. These sugar alternatives are generally found in small amounts in fruits and vegetables. 

Erythritol only has 6% of the calories of sugar but retains 70% of the sweetness. Erythritol doesn’t spike your blood sugar or insulin, so this makes it a great sugar substitute for diabetics. Studies have shown that erythritol acts as an antioxidant, reducing blood vessel damage that has been caused by high blood sugar levels. Erythritol also will not cause your teeth to decay, unlike sugar and other artificial sweeteners. 

Stevia also makes for a great natural sugar substitute. Stevia has no calories and is 200x sweeter than sugar. Studies have shown that stevia has the potential for treating diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. Antioxidant compounds, including kaempferol, can be found in Stevia. Studies have shown that kaempferol can reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer by 23%. 

What's a good soda replacement that doesn't use Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K)?

KILL CLIFF is anytime of day pick-me-up or post-workout beverage loaded with B Vitamins, a specialized blend of plant extracts, enzymes (both natural anti-inflammatories), and electrolytes to support hydration to help you get back to full speed. 

KILL CLIFF is sweetened with Stevia and Ethyritol so you still get a sweet-tasting beverage without any guilt. 

Is there a healthy energy drink that doesn't use Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K)?

Yes! Here at Kill Cliff, we're aware of the possible dangers of the many unnatural ingredients that popular energy drinks contain. We wanted an energy drink with just enough caffeine to provide sustained energy without a crash--coming from a natural source, with no artificial we made one. 

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So, whether you want sustained clean energy to help you through your day, or you want a natural alternative pre-workout drink...or you want to get fired up for a long night of playing Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption, KILL CLIFF Ignite is your go-to option! Check it out!