The First Ever KILL CLIFF® Kumite - Kill Cliff

The First Ever KILL CLIFF® Kumite

Logan and Jake Paul may have hijacked the boxing scene but Kill Cliff® , the clean energy drink company, is poised to own the Underground Fight World by hosting a no holds barred epic battle royale tournament called “Kill Cliff® Kumite.” The invite only tournament will feature current and former world champions like Israel Adesanya, Ryan Bader, and Gable Steveson in addition to media superstars like Joe Rogan, The Castle Master, and Laser Kitty.

The first match up will feature The GOAT, known to millions across the globe as The Grapest of All Time, taking on new comer and fan favorite, Mustache-A-Saurus. Originally, organizers sought a 250 pound weight limit however, that was quickly removed over objections from the Mustache-A-Saurus camp who pointed out that their 2,000 plus pound fighter would have difficulty making weight. 


Q: What was your reaction when Kill Cliff asked you to be in the tournament?

A: We’ll, first of all, I was total caught off guard. I was in my office taking The Browns to the Super Bowl when the phone rang. It’s an honor to be in a tournament with so many great fighters and folks I’ve admired my entire career.

Q: Are there any potential matchups that worry you?

A: Not really. I’m The Goat, Baby. I do Goat things. As far as Mustache-A-Saurus goes, I’m gonna extinct his ass.


Q:  This is the first time ever you’ll have a reach advantage against one of your opponents.  Do you think that will help?

A: I have a reach advantage? Are you yanking my ‘stache?

Q: The Goat lists his reach as “0”. Can’t be much less than that.

A:  Never believe a word a Goat says. Legendary liars. They eat anything. Literally anything. Literally. I’m gonna Jurassic Park one of these right hands in his big veiny, bulgy eyehole.

The date for the Kill Cliff Kumite is currently slated for early December. Exclusively on Kill Cliff Blood Sports on the Kill Cliff TV app.