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The Secret to Kill Cliff’s Bioavailable CBD Has Been Revealed

Oil and water don’t mix, everyone knows that.

So how do CBD oils consumed orally—in sublingual eyedropper doses, sugar-coated gummies, and the like—manage to get to where it needs to go for the best benefit without being destroyed by the H20 in the human digestive system?

Guess what? It doesn't!

Research shows CBD is subjected to the “first pass effect”: The all-important cannabinoids in the full- or broad-spectrum hemp extract (more on that in a minute) that make it past the mouth and gullet are destroyed by the liver and digestive tract. 

A mere 20% to 30% of the CBD is absorbed. 

Feeling stressed ‘bout that? Don’t. Kill Cliff  has the answer. The answer is ECS Brands.

Kill Cliff’s line of CBD beverages contains the Colorado firm’s proprietary cannabinoid-rich broad spectrum hemp oil. Those cannabinoids are encapsulated in a water soluble sheath that protects it from your body's fluids until the time is right to release the goodies.

“Broad-spectrum” hemp oil, as opposed to “full-spectrum”: Full-spectrum oils contain all cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, including both CBD and THC. Broad-spectrum oils contain most cannabinoids, but generally don’t contain THC, which makes Kill Cliff SFW (safe for work, and for other reasons).

ECS Brands and Kill Cliff’s partnership continues to achieve innovations in the CBD beverage market and made Kill Cliff a national functional beverage leader. Case in point: The debut of the first high-caffeine, high-CBD drinks, Kill Cliff Octane.

The inaugural flavor of Octane, Killer Cliffsicle, uses ECS Brands’ cannabinoid-rich broad-spectrum hemp oil to soften the caffeine’s edges and deliver powerful results for consumers. Each can of Kill Cliff Octane contains 125 mg of ECS Brand’s broad-spectrum hemp oil and 25 mg of CBD.

In addition to 125 mg of caffeine. 

Give it a go. 

Real Science + Killer Taste = Kill Cliff CBD.