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There Is No Good (or Bad) Form, or Posture

Form is based on the intent and application. This is different per individual and should be based on what they are trying to achieve. The only thing you should avoid is not being prepared. An exercise will only “injure” you if you end up in a position (or with a load/weight) that your body is not prepared for. So it would make more sense, in my mind, to create as much strength variety as possible within your body.
Knowing that, if someone tells you a movement is wrong or bad, they are incorrect. It might be wrong relative to what you are trying to achieve but the movement itself can’t be wrong if it is something your body is capable of doing. Keep an open mind.


You should not strive for “good posture” all of the time. To quote Andreo Spina, “the only bad posture is the posture we spend too much time in.” (possibly not the exact quote, it’s off the top of my head). Instead (of good posture) your goal should be to achieve as many different postures as possible. Learn to move in and out of different postures keeping your body lose, mobile and adaptable to different positions. Achieving this will help you learn movement and exercises much more easily. (ex. When a trainer says, “extend your spine,” you understand, or “tilt your hips back” you can do it.)
To conclude, move in different ways, often. Ignore the person that says they can fix your form or posture. Work with someone that can help prepare your joints for movement and end range strength training (mobility) to truly help mitigate injuries and pain. Work with someone that is helping you work towards your goals.

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