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Top 9 High Protein Foods You Should Include In Your Diet

For anyone looking to get into good physical shape, eating the right foods is so important. Many people fixate on the importance of doing more exercise. However, while exercise is always important, it’s not the be-all and end-all of good physical conditioning. If you want some help in improving your fitness and your diet, then, you need to get more high-protein foods, that’s according to research from Gym Equipment, which you can find below.

High-protein foods are many in number, which can mean spending a lot of time searching around. If you want to be free form that particular headache, then we’ve got some good ideas waiting for you below. Use these high-protein foods and you will be far more likely to enjoy dieting whilst seeing results!

1. White-fleshed fish

A very good starting point, white-fleshed fish is a fine way to eat. Most of these fishes are very good for us anyway and tend to come with low-calorie counts and fat counts. Therefore, they are good for those on a diet who are trying to cut down on the excess.

Good white-fleshed fish to try out would include the likes of halibut. If you find it hard to locate halibut at the store, then something like cod can be a good alternative that is tasty and nutritious in equal measure. Great for those who are on a busy schedule, too, as these can often be cooked relatively quickly.


2. Low-fat cottage cheese

Another good place to start your journey for high-protein foods is with low-fat cottage cheese. If you are someone who enjoys dairy, then you can get a hell of a lot of protein out  of this particular meal. Most of the time, it’s relatively low-fat (as the name implies) but also packs a lot of protein in there.

If you are looking for a food that has a large amount of protein, start here. For every 4oz piece of cottage cheese, you’ll get 13g of protein.

3. Lite tofu

A lot of people don’t like tofu, but if you are a fan then lite tofu is a fine high-protein alternative. They are often loaded with protein, with a single 85g piece of lite tofu often containing as much as 7g of protein. If you are someone who is trying to avoid eating animal products, then you might find that tofu is a fine starting place for you to begin with.

It’s also got a lot of amino acids in there, making it a nice and healthy meal to bite into. Keep that in mind, then, when looking for high-protein foods to enjoy.

4. Greek yogurt

Classic Greek yogurt is one of the best places for you to start with, with as much as 20g of protein in a single serving. Compare that with most normal yogurts, and you are getting almost double the amount of protein. Greek yogurt is made in a very particular process, which leaves you with a lot of protein in there. It’s also typically a lot thicker than normal yogurt, meaning that it can be used for numerous different purposes.

If you are having some healthy cereals in the morning, mixing it with Greek yogurt makes a fine starting point for any day.

5. Peanut butter

While peanut butter is high in calories, it’s also very high in protein count. Indeed, you could be taking in around half the amount of protein that you do compare to the fat content. Yes, you will need to be limited about how much of this you have, but peanut butter is very good for you in many ways. Your heart will enjoy you taking in some peanut butter, too, as it’s got a nice collection of ingredients within that make it good for the heart. Just keep that in mind when shopping around.

6. Salted almonds

A fine way to snack when you are on a diet is to use salted almonds. These are good for us and good for the body in general, making a very useful little product to eat when you are hungry. They are loaded with healthy vitamins and minerals, too, making sure that you get more than just protein out of the almond.

They are useful for the body in many ways, not least the fact they can be so easily mixed into other meals. You could use these in many ways when you are on a diet, but salted almonds make a fine snack in general.

7. Hard-boiled egg

The hard-boiled egg is a bit of an acquired taste for a lot of us. Still, that does not mean that you cannot enjoy eating them. They are loaded with protein, with the majority of eggs containing as much as 12g of protein. It might not be the nicest tasting food for a lot of us, but eggs do manage to pack a strong nutritional punch.

Best of all? Eggs are great for dieting as they release the energy so slowly. Now, you can work for much longer without having to stop and snack!

8. Pumpkin seeds

A good starting point for another little snack are some pumpkin seeds. These are pretty enjoyable, and some people prefer the seed to pumpkin itself. Most of these little packages can fit as much as 5g of pumpkin seed into a single 1oz package. That is pretty impressive and should help you to find a nice snacking tool when you are hungry.

They are also loaded with essential minerals and nutrients, such as iron, zinc and also magnesium. Great for making sure you can enjoy a healthier, happier body overall. Keep that in mind next time you feel like a handful of something!

9. Brussels sprouts

I know, I know – you hate Brussels sprouts. Most people do. But they are one of the highest protein vegetables around, with as much as 2g of protein in a single half cup of sprouts. They are very good for us, as they carry so much fiber and Vitamin C in them.

If you are looking for simple food to add to the side of a plate that you can scoff down, start here. They are low in calories and high in many of the things that our bodies need: what more reason do you need to eat them?