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What Does Joe Rogan’s Kill Cliff “Flaming Joe” Taste Like?

Like its namesake—and that would be everyone’s favorite podcaster/UFC color commentator/comedian, the one-and-only Joe Rogan—the Limited Edition “Flaming Joe” Kill Cliff Hemp Infused beverage is many things all at once, and it’s full of pleasant surprises.

When we asked Joe what a clean energy beverage with his name on it might taste like, Joe told us to create something in the mode of “spicy pineapple.” Being unfamiliar with anything at any time being “spicy” and “pineapple,” we came up with a recipe that not only accomplishes the mission, but it also delivers the B-vitamins (2, 3, 5, and 100% of your daily B12), natural caffeine, and restorative electrolytes you have come to expect from a Kill Cliff can. Plus, 25mg of CBD, for good measure.

This is Joe Rogan, right? Nothing sweet about him (until you get to know him better), and “Flaming Joe” upholds that impression. There is NO processed sugar anywhere near this can. The light sweetness is imparted by erythritol and all-natural stevia, but even then, like a Joe Rogan podcast, there is a LOT going on. You won’t be assaulted with sugary bubbles.

So what does “Flaming Joe” taste like? First impression: The ginger and ginseng present a pleasantly peppery top note that quickly spreads across every quadrant of the tongue, even indulging the umami region—somehow this drink manages to be a genuinely refreshing thirst quencher without any evidence of the saccharine carbonation usually encountered in a pick-me-up potion. There is an initial “wow” factor that continues for all 12 ounces: It feels like you are tasting sparks.

For those who don’t enjoy pineapple, you’ll love how there is the barest hint of a tropical undertone; for those who love pineapple, the subtle fruit flavor plays its hand last, with a clever finish that encourages another sip. In other words, there’s something for everyone, just like Joe.

And like a Joe Rogan podcast, if you feel a little smarter after enjoying a can of Limited Edition “Flaming Joe” Kill Cliff Hemp Infused beverage, well, we’re not surprised.

Bottom line, what does it taste like? To use a well-worn cliché, it tastes like nothing you have ever had.