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What's The Best Energy Drink For Gaming?

Energy drinks have been tied to gamers since their creation. With most gamers wanting to stay up late and keep their focus on the task at hand, it's a marriage that makes sense.

With gamers and eSports teams being sponsored by energy drink companies, we thought it was fair to ask a few questions.

Do energy drinks help gamers? What's the best energy drink for gaming? 

We did some research and compiled the answers for you. 

Is caffeine good for gaming?

Yes! Energy drinks can help improve your focus and concentration, thus helping you dominate your competition. 

Drinking a caffeinated beverage, such as an energy drink, will stimulate your nervous system. This stimulation will give you a temporary energy boost. With the right dosage, your mental performance will also receive a boost. 

Studies have shown that your cognitive functions can improve as a result of drinking energy drinks. This will allow you to get more done in a short amount of time, thus allowing you to kill more zombies in a short amount of time. 

What type of caffeine is best for gaming? 

Green Tea caffeine is a naturally sourced caffeine that your body metabolizes differently than coffee, meaning it will affect you differently.

What could be THAT much different? It’s all caffeine, right?

Well, it’s actually something pretty beneficial. The caffeine found in Green Tea sticks to the antioxidants in the tea. This causes the caffeine to be absorbed slower by your body. As a result, you will not get the immediate caffeine rush you would with synthetic caffeine found in most leading energy drinks. Instead, your caffeine will slowly release over time, giving you more sustained energy. An energy drink that's caffeine is sourced from Green Tea will give you the most bang for your buck in terms of energy life, which is beneficial for gaming purposes.

Caffeine is also known to give people the shakes or jitters. With yGreen Tea caffeine, that is absent due to one of the antioxidants called L-Theanine, which is an antagonist to caffeine. You definitely do not want to be worried about shakes or jitters while you focus on sniping an enemy's head off. 

Is there an energy drink with Green Tea caffeine? What’s the best energy drink for gaming? 

Here at Kill Cliff, we love a good energy drink, but we're aware of the possible dangers of the many unnatural ingredients that many popular energy drinks contain. We wanted an energy drink with a strong caffeine buzz coming from a natural source, with no artificial sweeteners... so we made one.

Kill Cliff IGNITE is a sugar-free, naturally sweetened energy drink that delivers the jolt you crave with 150 mg of naturally-sourced Green Tea caffeine (about a cup and a half of coffee). Additionally, Kill Cliff IGNITE includes only FDA-regulated ingredients in its specialized blend of B-vitamins and electrolytes. It provides you with 10% of your daily values of magnesium and potassium, which helps regulate hydration and blood flow.

Don't believe us? Here's a quote from professional gamer Alex Dalgaard-Hansen (zironicdk on Twitch): 

"I've been a gamer for 15 years now. I have played professionally and now a full-time streamer. For most of those years, I've been on your run-of-the-mill sugary energy drink, then a friend recommended Kill Cliff a few years back. It's a sugar-free drink, no BS ingredients, and tastes awesome! It has enough kick to keep me going for long streams or long days at events around the world."