Here’s Why You Can’t Get Kill Cliff CBD on Amazon (Honestly, It’s Not Us) - Kill Cliff

Here’s Why You Can’t Get Kill Cliff CBD on Amazon (Honestly, It’s Not Us)

In any other retail industry, the following statement on would be death: “Listings for products containing cannabidiol (CBD) are prohibited.”

That’s Amazon blunt declaration on how it is dealing with the fast-growing CBD industry, which includes Kill Cliff’s line of the best-tasting, clean CBD beverages on the market. Amazon simply wants little to do with cannabidiol, the compound known to millions of devoted consumers as CBD. 

We are asked with annoying frequency why our Kill Cliff line of clean, delicious CBD beverages are not on Amazon while the other Kill Cliff products—Kill Cliff’s Ignite line of energy drinks and Kill Cliff’s Energize & Recovery beverages— are on Amazon. It’s great question.

Amazon Shuts Down

Amazon refused to tell the Washington Post why it won’t let vendors sell CBD merchandise on their site. But the Post (irony alert: the newspaper is owned by Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos) surmises that “CBD is still controversial and its legal situation is murky, with some federal agencies, states, and localities prohibiting its sales.”

We don’t have to remind you that CBD is not THC, the active compound in marijuana that gets you high. And yet Amazon, which has more than 500 million products on its site on any given day, says it deploys advanced algorithms designed to sniff out vendor descriptions that hint at the banned ingredient—CBD. 

Kill Cliff Still Flowing

While other retailers might be washed away in Amazon’s banning, Kill Cliff is flourishing at retail and by mail order from vendors and Kill Cliff’s HQ.

There may be hope yet that Amazon will get in on the CBD game. In early 2021, the mega-giant retailer began accepting ads in a pilot program for a very limited number of CBD products for sale in the United Kingdom. Ointments and creams were up first. 

Stay tuned for when the world’s best-tasting line of CBD drinks are on Amazon the world over.