Winter Blues? Let's Revisit Summer with an Original CBD Drink: the Bungalow Twist - Kill Cliff

Winter Blues? Let's Revisit Summer with an Original CBD Drink: the Bungalow Twist

We asked our first-name-only Kill Cliff bartender Grady to come up with something using Kill Cliff CBD Mango Tango, our exclusive and delicious compound of mango (duh) with a hint of southern peach, 25mg of clean CBD, and no sugar.

Grady does us one better by adding a dollop of Kill Cliff CBD Strawberry Daze, our berry and citrus “lemonade” drink. It also has 25mg of CBD, distilled from 125mg of the cleanest hemp on the market. On top of that, there’s a splash of coconut.

Despite the fact it’s December when he’s concocting this—or maybe because it’s winter—Grady’s mind harkens back to a hot summer-like day, with sand between his toes. Reading this recipe made us think of blowing out our flip-flop, a la Jimmy Buffet, which would be the ideal soundtrack for what follows.

Bungalow Tryst

We all love our “me time.”  

Our greatest friend can be found within ourselves if we only take time to indulge in the greatest and most decedent of pastimes, solitude. 

For me, my reset switch, my time with myself is best spent in a quiet corner of a lonely beach, a single hammock, a cool ocean breeze after a scorching hot day on the black sand. I swing on my hammock by the doorstep of my little hut, drink in hand, sunset staring back at my evening libations, me and my bungalow, living in solitude away from the hustle and bustle.

Bungalow Twist

2 oz. Kill Cliff CBD Mango Tango (save the other 10 ounces for future Twists, or make six Twists)

2 oz. Kill Cliff CBD Strawberry Daze (ditto on the other 10 ounces)

3 oz. Malibu Coconut Rum

1/2 Cup Shaved Ice

Add all ingredients to the ice in a wide-mouth rocks glass and stir gently but stop before the ice begins to melt. Top with a slice of pineapple. Drink*.

*But drink responsibly.