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Workout Programming with Josh Jespersen & The Sect

I sought out The Sect. There is a type of programming that gives you that burn in your throat while you gasp for air, makes you move heavy loads of iron, and crafts your body into a machine that can operate for long periods of time. Variations of these methods exist a lot of places, but very few gyms can pull off this training while keeping your body healthy. The experience to pull that off takes a long time to garner, and the coaches at The Sect have been at the forefront of these methods for as long as I've been doing them. When you are in your fourth wind in an extended power endurance effort, and there is a discourse happening in your head about whether you should slow down or not because your tired, this gym is the environment that prepares you physically and mentally to win those internal debates and put the pedal to the metal every time. From my coach...

"Our programming is secular in nature, we look to and utilize many great methods and practices and attempt not to be too bias towards any one in particular.

We do not forget that the responsibility is to the person and their goal. It's an interactive signaling and response process where both parties are working, paying attention and being accountable. It's really a practice more than a program... that is rooted in experience, and we are constantly learning what works and what doesn't."

That is what I seek in a gym."
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