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You Only Have One Body, So Treat it Well

If you watch the news, you’ve no doubt seen the dozens of stories of people making bad decisions and paying for it with their lives. However, even if you’re not into extreme sports and don’t put your physical safety at risk for the ultimate selfie, there’s a good chance that you are abusing your body just as badly without even realizing it.

Since you only have one vessel in which to call you, you have to treat it with respect. This means eating right, exercising, and offering a little TLC to parts of your body you don’t see. Keep reading for more information on self-care and preservation activities you can incorporate into your day that will keep you healthy, safe, and sane for the long-haul.

Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time

Planning a healthy menu for yourself and your family is difficult, but not impossible. Take one day each week to meal plan, grocery shop, and prep family dinners and lunches. Get the entire family involved, and look for recipes that require simple, fresh ingredients. Keep in mind that the fewer things that go into your dishes, the easier they are to make and the healthier they will be.

If you’re looking to lose weight or reduce bloating, Eat This, Not That! recommends these foods, which you can add to your diet every day. The list includes foods such as wild-caught salmon, artichokes, and even probiotic-enhanced chocolate bars. Speaking of probiotics, it’s important to keep in mind the benefits of proper gut health. You want to keep your gut microbiome working properly, and probiotics can help with bloating as well as increase your metabolism and digestion.

Prioritize spinal alignment

One of the worst types of pain you can feel is pain that radiates from the back and gets worse with daily activities. Think of your spine as the center point for your body. It’s an internal command station that affects everything from how straight you stand to your comfort level while sitting. The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) offers tips on how to maintain spinal health.

As the ACA points out, it’s not just when you’re awake that you need to pay attention to your spinal health. Your sleep has a huge effect on this component of your wellness. One of the first culprits that could be detracting from your spine’s well-being is your mattress. If it’s too hard or too soft, it’s over 10 years old, or it doesn’t keep your spine straight as you sleep, you need to find a new one that supports your spine. You’ll notice a huge difference not only in how you sleep each night, but also in how you wake up each morning — with less pain and more energy.

Pay Attention to Your Feet

Like the spine, people tend to forgo caring for their feet. However, your feet are the platform upon which the rest of your body stands. Daily foot care includes washing, trimming your toenails, wearing comfortable shoes, and ensuring your lower extremities get ample circulation.


You’ve probably heard people say that the best remedy for pretty much every illness is to sweat it out. Surprisingly, they’re not completely wrong. Sweating, especially via exercise, can boost your endorphins and help detoxify the body. Lizette Borreli of Medical Daily suggests that sweating may even help prevent colds and kidney stones. Keep in mind, however, that exercise isn’t something you should do without thought or foresight. Talk to your doctor before you begin a new regimen, and you may be able to avoid injuries such as runner’s knee and muscle strain.

There’s no online blog that can possibly give you the advice you need to stay 100-percent healthy. However, by paying attention to the amount of physical activity you receive, caring for important parts of your body, and eating a proper diet, you give yourself a better chance at seeing your doctor less and living a pain-free life.