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Charity Witt: NBC's Titan Games Champion

Charity Witt went from being an introvert to winning the inaugural season of NBC's Titan Games. A rough childhood and lot of training got her where she is today. Check out our interview with her below to learn more about her journey to the top.

KC: Were you always athletic growing up? If so, what sports did you play?

CW: Nope. I was a total book nerd and introvert. I didn’t get into team sports but swam as a US Masters swimmer later in college. 

KC: How did you get into powerlifting? At what point did you realize that powerlifting could take you places?

CW: Swimming got me into powerlifting. I wanted to be stronger and faster in the pool so I began lifting. Eventually, that led me to choose PL over competing as a swimmer. You can be good at a lot, but in order to be great, you need to focus on one thing. I still use swimming as recovery and cardio. 

KC: How has your rough childhood shaped the person you are today?

CW: It has shaped me in every way. Our upbringing helps shape us, but we choose what defines us. My past has helped me to grow and become stronger, but it does not define me. 

KC: What was the process like to land a spot on the inaugural NBC's Titan Games?

CW: It was unbelievable. I still forget some days that it happened and I actually won. It’s crazy how fast your life can change with a single encounter with the right person. That person for me is the NBC talent scout. 

KC: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is the host of the Titan Games. Is he as cool as he seems?

CW: He’s a rad person. You’ll never meet a soul who's actually spent time with him that has something negative to say. That man might be the busiest person on earth and still reached out to encourage and check in on me post-show. I won’t forget that. 

KC: You not only competed on the show, but you won the whole thing and took home the $100k prize. How much has this experience meant to you?

CW: It helped eliminate a lot of self-doubt that I had. On the outside, I’m very confident and self-assured, but I’m definitely my worst critic and expect perfection out of myself on more than one occasion. The show taught me to trust myself, even at my weakest points. 

KC: What are your goals for the rest of 2019?

CW: Kick ass and kill at life. The only goal is to excel at whatever I put my mind to and if you know me, that can and will be anything. Nothing’s off limits.