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Curtis Frey: Adaptive Athlete with a Passion for Weightlifting


Born without his right hand, Curtis Frey had to adapt to life a little differently than everyone else.

Frey credits his parents for their support and making his childhood seemingly no different than any other kid's. As a child, he was fairly active as he participated in youth sports and got involved in activities like air-soft and bow shooting.

As Frey continued to grow up, his weight continued to increase. Not liking what he saw in the mirror, Frey decided it was time to make serious changes in his life. 

At the age of 18, Frey made the dedication to fitness and health. He drastically changed his diet and began going to a gym. What started out as light cardio and weight machines have turned into an obsession with Olympic weightlifting and power-lifting. 

Being able to lift weights without a right hand is no simple task. Frey was inspired by various adaptive athletes on social media that used a hook and strap that made it possible to lift. After Frey purchased his hook, he made the transition from weight machines to Olympic-style weights and was introduced to a CrossFit gym. 

When introduced to something new, Frey has to make it adaptable with his disability, and weightlifting was no different. After making many adjustments with some help from a supportive CrossFit community and pushing through pain, Frey is now dead-lifting over 400 lbs. and cleaning over 220 pounds. 

Frey is going to be competing in his first power-lifting competition in the upcoming months. His goals include dead-lifting 500 lbs, squatting 400 lbs, and benching 220 lbs. With the Warrior mindset that Curtis has, he should reach these goals in no time.   



“When you fail, you have to look past that moment and look towards the future. I thought about giving up hundreds of times but I used my failure to motivate myself to keep pushing. Think about what you can accomplish and not the failures of your past."