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Erin Lavoie

Kill Cliff Badassador Erin Lavoie is a record-setting LumberJill, but that's not where her athletic prowess stops. Erin also has previously competed at CrossFit Regionals (2012, 2013) and also still coaches at Predation CrossFit in Spokane, the gym she owns. She currently holds the Guinness Book of World Record for chopping the most Christmas trees in two minutes.


  • Iron Jill World Champion 2004,2005,2006 (Series of 5 disciplines for one score).
  • Gold and Bronze medals ESPN's Great Outdoor Games
  • 4X Underhand World Champion - World Championships. 2014,15,16,18
  • 3X All Around Jill - World Championships. 2014,15,18
  • First American to win Sydney Royal Easter Show Women’s Underhand Title. 2017
  • Team USA (Underhand Cutter). And Captain of Gold medal team.