John Dudley - Kill Cliff

John Dudley

John Dudley is an outdoor athlete that started bowhunting over 30 years ago to contribute to his family’s food source. To better himself as a hunter, John started shooting professional archery in 1997. Since then he has competed in hundreds of Professional events Worldwide and serves on the Pro Teams for industry leaders. John has represented the US Archery team and over a dozen world medals. John is very active in the archery community and serves as an International ambassador for both competitive archery and bowhunting. John is an active and respected speaker and technical writer for dozens of worldwide publications. If he isn’t hunting, John travels the globe conducting educational compound archery training seminars for National and Olympic teams, as well as, clubs and retailers. John focuses on using his experience to help educate other hunters through his TV show Nock On TV or on his highly respected Nock On Podcast.

Professional Accomplishments

  • APA Rookie of the Year
  • IBO National Champion
  • NABH National Champion
  • AZ International Gold Medallist
  • European Grand Prix Gold medallist
  • Arnold Classic Champion
  • US Open Silver Medallist
  • US Open Gold Medal Team
  • British National Indoor Champion
  • Australian Field Championship Gold Medallist
  • World Field Championship Sweden Bronze Medallist
  • World Field Championship Croatia Silver Medallist
  • Arnold Classic Champion
  • US World Games Team Member
  • 45 Career Top 3 Professional finishes


Every single hunt (and any athletic challenge) is an opportunity to find and overcome obstacles. The first KILL CLIFF I ever had came after an extremely strenuous 8-hour hike deep in the elk woods. If I was ever ready to cash it in for the day, it was at that exact moment. Fellow ambassador Andy Stumpf pulled a Blood Orange KILL CLIFF out of his truck. I chugged my drink while checking out the label. I was refreshed and remember saying “why haven’t I known about these until now?” After I finished it we pounded out the final 3 hours of our trek. That’s killing the quit for me.

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