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Josie Hamming: Softball Star Now Stud CrossFitter

A true competitor always finds another way to compete, and it's no different for Josie Hamming. After she ended her softball career, she moved her attention to CrossFit and has been competing since. 
We talked to Josie to learn more about her switch to CrossFit, her biggest accomplishments, and her diet plan. Continue reading to learn more about Josie!
KC: What kind of sports were you into before you began your journey in CrossFit?
JH: I pretty much played one sport my entire life. I tried soccer for a while (hated it), and I did gymnastics until my dad took me out of it because I “didn’t practice enough at home,” which lead me to play softball from the age of seven all the way through high school. It was always my goal to play collegiate softball, and I was well on my way until I decided to decline offers from schools and eventually ended up quitting the sport altogether after finishing my season senior year. I was part of a year-round travel league for seven years as well. My high school team won the state championship two years in a row while I was a part of it, I was awarded my varsity letter my freshman year, and my senior year I was nominated All-District, All-Region, and All-State Honorable Mention.
KC: How did you get introduced to CrossFit?
JH: The reason I started CrossFit was actually that it was required for me to do at least three times per week on top of my other softball training. I think this was my Dad’s way of forcing me to get my act together because he was watching me slowly throw away my dreams and wanted desperately to find a way to help me stay on track. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop me from quitting my softball career, but I am so thankful that CrossFit came into my life when it did. I was starting to head down a very dark road, but this sport and the community that comes along with it was able to help me find the light again. It was also the perfect way for me to fulfill that competitive void that I had after quitting softball, and it was so nice to be able to just show up and do the work without having any expectations tied to it.
KC: You competed at the Atlantic regionals with team CrossFit Westchase. What has been your favorite memory during your time with them?
JH: I was a part of CrossFit Westchase’s Regional team in 2017 & 2018, and one of my favorite memories with them is our 2017 Regional appearance. Our team was so close to qualifying for a spot at the games, and as they announced the final scores at the conclusion of the last workout, we knew our team didn’t make the cut. So, our hearts were shattered of course because this is what we all train for year-round, but then when we turned around and had a group of 40+ people from back home standing up cheering for us- it really put everything into perspective. Without the constant, overwhelming love and support from our fellow gym-mates, this sport would not be as fun.
KC: What has been your favorite accomplishment of your athletic career thus far?
JH: If I had to pinpoint my favorite accomplishment thus far in my athletic career, I would say it would be competing as an individual at Wodapolooza this year. I’ve had so many small victories throughout my life as an athlete, but, to me, this one really stood out. My whole life I have played team sports. I love working with/alongside other people, and it’s comforting to know there is a group of people out there with me who have my back at all times. This year, with all of the changes happening in the sport, I decided I owed it to myself to give competing as an individual a shot. There were multiple times I considered dropping out because in my head I didn’t believe I had any business to be out there on the competition floor with those other girls. I had gone into the competition in the last qualifying spot, and I ended the weekend in the top ten, taking 8th place in the RX division. 
KC: What or who has been your biggest motivation/motivator in CrossFit? 
JH: My motivation to continue to push myself as a CrossFit athlete really comes from a few different areas: other fit females, my dad, and my own determination to be great at something. Other strong/fit/athletic women inspire me and push me to be better inside and out of the gym. If I see a girl squatting 300+ pounds, it makes me want to train even harder to get to that level. I think its partially due to being entirely too competitive for my own good, but it’s also because I think they’re badass and I want to be like them. I also have to give a lot of credit to my Dad. He was the one that started me down this road, and he has done nothing but support me 100% along the way. I aspire to be like him. He has been to the games four times, after qualifying for his fifth year in a row he had to drop out due to an injury and is now traveling around the world smashing weightlifting records in the Master’s division.
KC: Any of your followers know that you take your diet seriously but occasionally have a sweet craving. What’s your secret to balancing the healthy with the treats?
JH: When it comes to my diet, I eat pretty clean on a daily basis, but if I want a cookie…I’m going to eat a cookie.  I do not restrict certain foods just because it “doesn’t fit my macros.” I think the healthiest approach to food is allowing yourself a treat (or a couple of treats) throughout the week without feeling guilty about it.
KC: What are your fitness goals for 2019?
JH: My fitness goals for 2019 are still TBD. The new format for the CrossFit Games has kind of forced me to really stop and think about my future as a CrossFit competitor. My goal was always to have a chance to compete as an individual at Regionals, and now that there is not one set event for each region, I’m not sure which direction I am headed in. I know that I want to continue to compete as an individual in some way, shape or form.