Meet our Founder Todd Ehrlich - Kill Cliff

Meet our Founder Todd Ehrlich


When our founder Todd Ehrlich first had the idea to create a clean recovery drink during his time as a Navy SEAL, he had no idea how big KILL CLIFF would become – including new products, a footprint across the country and overseas, with a killer team of Badassadors behind the brand.

Todd remains an integral part of the KILL CLIFF legacy by weaving his original vision and mission – to become the largest donor to The Navy SEAL Foundation – into everything we do as a member of our Board. We sat down with Todd for a few minutes to learn more about his experience with KILL CLIFF and what he’s up to now.


Q: What inspired you to join the Navy SEALs, and what was your time like as a member of the SEAL Teams? 
A: I really wanted to serve my country in a meaningful and special way. That passion, coupled with the physical and mental challenges offered by the SEALs, led me to join the program.
The Navy SEAL program itself is incredibly difficult, and the junction between physical ability and mental toughness is the breaking point for most. I came into the SEALs having trained really hard – I used to do the screening workout 2x/day before I joined.

Q: How did this experience lead you to KILL CLIFF?
A: Training with the Teams leaves an indelible mark on a person, and I’m no exception. It taught me a lot about perspective and understanding that you need to have the right mindset if you want to get the job done. 
This lesson definitely helped me when it came to KILL CLIFF – which was an exercise in tenacity for me. I was rejected over and over again, but I wasn’t giving up on KILL CLIFF. The tough workouts while training with the SEALs made me crave a clean recovery drink that would provide the hydration and nutrients I needed without the sugar and artificial colors of other products out there. When I didn’t see one on the market, I knew I’d have to make it happen myself despite any of the obstacles I’d encounter.

Q: Our KILL CLIFF network includes fans and Badassadors across a variety of disciplines – from CrossFit to hunting to yoga and everything in between. What workouts do you do in your free time? 
A: I like to incorporate a lot of variety into my fitness routine to keep things interesting, and my schedule is pretty demanding so I have to be flexible. My core workouts involve CrossFit and running, but I also enjoy biking, rowing, swimming, skiing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. 

Q: What does our mantra, “Kill the Quit,” mean to you?
A: KILL CLIFF is the real life manifestation of that phrase and the drive to stifle the internal voice that is telling you your goals are impossible or that you’re incapable of making them happen. Once you’re able to recognize that negativity, you can start to be in control of that internal dialogue and make it work in your favor to achieve all kinds of goals. This is what “Kill the Quit” means to me. It’s about mental toughness as much as it is physical endurance.