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Mickey 'The Viking' Tomlin


I am a native of Dallas Texas. Born here, raised in North Louisiana throughout my school years and moved back to Dallas in 1986. Graduated in 1987 from a small town high school (Venus TX) then joined the United States Air Force as a Ground Radio Communications Technician. Once Bootcamp and technical schools were completed, I did 2 years in Barksdale AFB La, then 3.5yrs in Berlin Germany while the Iron Curtain was still up. Once the Wall fell, I was relocated to Spangdahlem AirBase Germany for the remainder of my commitment (6 months). Then once my commitment was fulfilled, I separated from active duty and went to Houston, TX. In Houston, I hired on with Southwestern Bell Telephone Company (now AT&T) in Jan 1994 where I am still working with them today in the capacity as technical support on the U-verse platform. In my non-work time with AT&T, I will spend my time either flying, skydiving, scuba diving, precision shooting, working as a Range Safety Officer at Crossfire Defense Academy or preparing for a Strongman competition.

Accomplishments in Strongman competitions:
Feb 2017 Austin Strongest Savage, Austin Tx – 2nd place
May 2017 Metroflex Strongest, Plano Tx – 1st place
June 2017 Big Tex Classic, Austin Tx – 1st place 
July 2017 – Show of Strength, Destination Dallas Tx – 6th place
November 2017 Ragnarok Strongman, Oceanside CA – 3rd place