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CBD: Why Don’t I Feel Anything? (Not Even Munchies)

When Kill Cliff introduced its line of CBD beverages, the response was immediate and overwhelming: Consumers loved the taste, the B vitamins, the hydration properties, the electrolytes, the all-natural ingredients, and its blissful state of being sugar-free.

But some customers thought something was missing. “If there’s 25mg of CBD in a 12ounce can,” they asked, “why don’t I feel anything?”

The flip answer is simple: Kill Cliff isn’t, you know, Four Loco Apple Pie (yuck!). You don't drink it to get smashed (although it makes a great mixer).

The better answer involves the science that Kill Cliff enjoys so much (Real Science + Killer Taste, remember?).

Slow and Easy Does It

CBD is the cannabinoid derived from hemp that does not have that other cannabinoid you may have heard of, THC. THC is the compound that has a psychoactive effect on the human system—it’s the stuff that gets you high, makes you paranoid, shows up on drug tests, and gives you the munchies.

CBD, on the other hand, is not an intoxicant. And that’s a good thing, because you need to ingest a lot of it to enjoy the health-wellness benefits: Managing stress, boosting mood, relieving pain, lowering blood pressure, controlling inflammation, regulating sleep, and in general, improving lives.

It also shows promise as a COVID-19 blocker. (See this report from the National Institutes of Health.)

If it was psychoactive and you consumed 25mg, you’d be pretty messed up for a good part of the day.

To review: CBD does not get you high.

CBD is subtle; it’s not about what it makes you feel, it’s more about what you don’t feel. Overtime, you gradually don’t feel stressed, you don’t feel pain, you don't have insomnia, you're not inflamed...

Instead of waiting to feel something, notice how you have increased focus on the task at hand, or become aware of the sense of calm you’re enjoying shortly after enjoying one of Kill Cliff’s five killer-tasting CBD drinks.

Many Kill Cliff fans describe it as “taking the edge off.”

CBD works differently on different people, but experts suggest taking CBD daily to enjoy consistent benefits. Kill Cliff’s 25mg is an ample amount to kick start your regimen.

How It Works

In every human body, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a role in regulating mood, appetite, memory, reproduction, and sleep.

ECS receptors (tiny proteins attached to your cells) receive chemical signals and help cells correctly respond to these signals. CBD helps support and balance this system of receptors. Specifically, CBD stimulates CB1 and CB2 receptors and in turn helps calm anxiety. By binding to CB1 receptors, CBD positively impact mood.

125mg of Hemp=25mg of CBD

Kill Cliff derives its 25mg of CBD from a healthy 125mg of broad-spectrum hemp and encapsulates the CBD in a protective sheath that escorts it through the digestive system.

This increases the “bioavailability” of the CBD; CBD oils and gummies get digested on the way to where it needs to go, so only a small portion of the CBD succeeds in being effective. Kill Cliff's unique proprietary delivery method assures more of the active CBD is reaching where it needs to go.

And now you know! Start that CBD regimen today and stick with it. Before long, you won’t know what you are missing…