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What Does Kill Cliff’s CBD+Caffeine Killer Cliffsicle Taste Like?

The inaugural beverage in the Kill Cliff line of Octane, the Limited Edition Killer Cliffsicle, has not just rolled out—it’s blasted off. Clearly, consumers around the country were thirsting for a drink that combined their two favorite ingredients—caffeine and CBD—and Killer Cliffsicle does just that.

But while Killer Cliffsicle merges the energizing properties of 125 mg of clean, natural caffeine with the soothing effects of our patented, bioavailable CBD, the flavor is designed to invoke memories of a longtime dessert favorite, the creamsicle. 

Indeed, the Kill Cliff Killer Cliffsicle blends a slightly tangy, slightly sweet top note of fresh oranges with a creamy, obscenely smooth vanilla finish. That said, the Cliffsicle does not come off like a glass of melted creamsicle—who wants that (although, on a hot summer day that might be pretty delicious...)? 

Instead, the flavorful, soothing, rejuvenating beverage retains the bold, vaguely spicy ginger tingle you want from the Kill Cliff line of CBD and energy drinks. And while the sweetness level is a bit higher than you expect from Kill Cliff, the Killer Cliffsicle is made with the same clean, not-junk ingredients of the other CBD drinks. That means the sweetness comes from 

The 125 mg of caffeine is also from all natural sources—chiefly green tea extract—which is matched by the 125 mg of broad spectrum hemp extract, boiled down to 25 mg of bioavailable CBD. (Here's how CBD and caffeine play well together.) 

No jitters, no crash, just a great tasting, clean, energizing, and soothing beverage to start the day or to keep the day going.